Student Training Opportunities

There are two ways for students to spend time working in the ABP-Lab: (i) Intense Research-Oriented Internship or (ii) Clinical-Oriented Internship. To apply please fill-in the following form after reading ALL the information below. After completing the form please send an e-mail to Gianluca (gianluca.esposito ‘at’ and you will be contacted soon. For more information about the two types of internships available, see below:

Intense Research-Oriented Internship

Internee will develop skills in the fields of Clinical Psychology and Physiology. Projects will aim to elucidate the physiological and psychological mechanisms behind social interactions. Solid methodological skills on physiological measurements (EEG; ECG; EMG; GSR; Body temperature), and observational codings will be acquired.

  • Education: Laurea Triennale*
  • Language: English (B2 or above)
  • Exams: “Analisi Matematica”, “Psicometria”, “Analisi dei dati” and “Psicologia Clinica” with an average score > 27
  • Skills: Basic Programming R; Basic HTML; (Python Optional) Duration: 250 Hours
  • * Highly motivated students from the Laurea Triennale may be able to access this internship.

Clinical-Oriented Internship

Internee will develop skills in the fields of Clinical Psychology. Projects will aim to describe psychological mechanisms moderating social interactions.

  • Language: Italian, English (B1 or above)
  • Exams:“Analisi Matematica”, “Psicometria” and/or “Analisi dei dati” with an average score > 26 AND “Psicologia Clinica” with a score > 28
  • Computer Skills: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Duration: Minimum 100 Hours